Frequently Asked Questions

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From the lobbyist home screen you can add an employment contract.

After linking your account to an existing lobbyist/firm or registering as a new lobbyist, select the lobbyist name on the home page. This will take you to all the options for lobbyist/firms. Then you can create a new monthly report using the link in the lobbyist menu.

Lobbyist Employers are entities who employ, hire or pay the compensation or other consideration of a lobbyist. A lobbyist who contracts all or part of their work out to another lobbyist is not an employer when filing electronically and should not register as a lobbyist employer. When the lobbyist subcontractor you hire adds clients, they will select the client and then select your firm as the contractor who hired them.

Reports filed by mail or filed electronically prior to August 2016 cannot be amended through this system. You can file an amendment by mail.

Reports filed electronically through this system must be amended electronically..

Every two years, lobbyists must re-register their existing employment. When done electronically, this is the equivalent of submitting a new form L1.

Renewing a registration electronically only takes a few minutes. From the lobbyist home screen, just amend the employment contract and select the new years that you will be lobbying for the employer. It's that simple. This is also a great time to review your information and update agent photos by using the "Edit Lobbyist Information" link.

Please watch the two minute video for a demonstration.