Jonathan Changus

1007 Seventh Street, 4th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95614
United States
Telephone: 9163067300
Temporary address during session:
United States
Jonathan Changus
Lobbying since: 2018
Since joining the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) in 2018, Jonathan is responsible the development, implementation, evaluation, and overall strategy of clean transportation incentive programs on behalf of government and utility clients. From 2012 to 2018, he worked on regulatory affairs and customer programs for publicly-owned utilities at the Northern California Power Agency. From 2006-2012, Jonathan served as a policy director in the California State Legislature, focused on advancing clean energy and climate change legislation. He earned a Master of Public Policy and B.S. in Social Science from California Polytechnic State University.

This lobbyist certified completion of required code of conduct training on 03/08/2023.

Monthly lobbying reports

Lobbyists are required to file monthly reports for any period in which they are employed, even if there is no reportable activity. The list below includes all reports for 2016 and later. Reports for periods prior to January 2016 are available in the historical archive.

Report for month Date filed/amended
November 2023 29/11/23 - 11:33 am
October 2023 13/11/23 - 11:19 am
September 2023 13/11/23 - 11:18 am
August 2023 14/09/23 - 12:58 pm
July 2023 09/08/23 - 10:23 pm
June 2023 06/07/23 - 12:41 pm
May 2023 12/06/23 - 10:30 am
April 2023 11/05/23 - 8:44 am
March 2023 14/04/23 - 4:42 pm

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Center for Sustainable Energy View report 2023, 2024