Andrea H. Reay

950 Pacific Ave
Suite 300
Tacoma, WA 98401, WA 98401
United States
Telephone: 12066834585
Temporary address during session:
United States
Andrea Reay
Lobbying since: 2023
Andrea H. Reay is a native of the Pacific Northwest and is an experienced non-profit manager, business consultant and community organizer.  Her first job was working at her family’s business, a small independent pharmacy, aptly named “Family Pharmacy."  She attended the University of Washington where she studied Theatre and Classics.  She then worked for over 15 years in non-profit arts management.  In 2013 she expanded her non-profit experience to work at Discover Burien, a non-profit organization focused on marketing and promoting the City of Burien, which also happened to be home for Andrea and her family.  In 2016 Andrea accepted the position to serve as the President/CEO at Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce where she was thrilled to be able to maximize her varied experience growing up in a family that knew the challenges of owning a small business as well as non-profit management to be able to maximize the services and benefits available to the business community. In 2022 Andrea transitioned from the Southside Chamber to the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber where she leads the organization’s vision to be the most equitable and inclusive place to do business in Washington State.

This lobbyist certified completion of required code of conduct training on 06/20/2023.

Monthly lobbying reports

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June 2024 10/07/24 - 3:51 pm
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March 2024 10/04/24 - 8:56 pm
February 2024 03/03/24 - 8:12 am
January 2024 08/02/24 - 9:21 pm
December 2023 10/01/24 - 1:50 pm
November 2023 12/12/23 - 5:54 pm
October 2023 04/11/23 - 3:21 pm
September 2023 30/09/23 - 2:00 pm
August 2023 11/09/23 - 7:27 am
July 2023 11/08/23 - 4:32 pm
June 2023 11/07/23 - 3:49 pm

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