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Michael Monetta
Lobbying since: 2013
Michael Monetta grew up in the sleepy little town of Claremont, New Hampshire. He didn't pay much attention to politics while playing soccer, going to concerts, following the Patriots and Red Sox or fishing on Lake Winnipesaukee, but once he began learning how much the corruption in Washington, D.C affects all of our lives by listening to independent media sources, he knew he had to get involved. In 2014 he led the way to make Vermont the first state in American history to call for an Article V Convention for the purpose of restoring Free and Fair Elections. Since then he has been directly involved with four other states passing similar legislation. He is now the National Director of Wolf-PAC and spends most of his time working with volunteers throughout the country.
John Shen
Lobbying since: 2017
John was lucky enough to grow up in Waltham Massachusetts, thanks to his amazing immigrant parents. He attended Brandeis University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chemistry and graduated from Yale University a few years later with a Master’s in chemistry. He began volunteering with Wolf-PAC shortly after the 2016 elections. The systemic corruption caused by excessive money in our election system had never seemed clearer to him as the fundamental issue standing in the way of our nation’s growth and progress. He connected with how much Wolf-PAC respected the issue and how focused the organization is on our goal. In his time with Wolf-PAC, John has been able to meet the most compassionate and dedicated patriots he could have imagined and taken part in work that has given me true honest hope for our future.
Cenk Uygur
Lobbying since: 2011
Before founding Wolf-PAC, Cenk Uygur created The Young Turks, the world's largest online news network. After the Citizens United ruling, he spent a year studying the problem and speaking with experts about appropriate solutions. In October of 2011, Mr. Uygur announced Wolf-PAC. He named it Wolf-PAC because "they're not coming for us, we're coming for them." As chairman of the board, Mr. Uygur does not take a salary or make money from Wolf-PAC. Rather, he does whatever he can to ensure the end of the corrupting influence of money in politics, a frequent topic of discussion on his flagship Young Turks nightly news program, the longest running streaming show on the internet.
Grant Guy
Lobbying since: 2018
My name is Grant; born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I learned from my mom to be caring, from my dad to be hardworking, and chased the ‘American Dream’ growing up. My life changed shortly after graduating college with a business management degree in 2008 at the height of the economic recession. Instead of getting a corporate job, I traveled the west coast in search of what to do next, and saw first-hand how the greed of special interests negatively affects millions of average families. While on my way to a job interview in Portland, Oregon, a canvasser stopped me and I reluctantly sponsored a 10-year-old girl from Guatemala. The next week, I started working for that same company, and did that job across multiple cities in the US for two-and-a-half years. I soon realized that I was just a Band-Aid in the fight against poverty. I was so burnt out that I quit that job and traveled overseas with my now wife, who I had signed up as a sponsor in Minnesota. We traveled extensively, and as much as I tried to escape the problems of the world, they kept hitting harder than ever before. I realized I had to do something about that back home. When I came across a Wolf-PAC video in the Fall of 2014, I signed up to volunteer. Looking at the sacrifices made by generations of Americans before me, I knew I needed to contribute to bring about true positive change. From my years of volunteering, I believe this is the best way to address the root cause of most issues; and thank fellow volunteers who dedicate their personal time to this important cause.

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