Erin Frasier

906 Columbia St SW
Ste 107
Olympia, WA 98501
United States
Telephone: 360-357-6778
Temporary address during session:
United States
Erin Frasier
Lobbying since: 2020
Erin has over 15 years of experience working in Washington’s workforce development system with an unwavering focus on enhancing social and economic justice through workforce training. Through her work at Grays Harbor College and the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges she has a successful record of partnering with organized labor, community-based organizations, business, economic development councils, workforce development councils, advocates and state and federal agencies. Erin has extensive state and federal policy experience and has engaged in and led numerous statewide initiatives. She has served as a member of the Governor’s Poverty Reduction Work Group, Washington’s Interagency Council on Homelessness, the National Council for Workforce Education’s Government Relations Committee, the National Skills Coalition’s Safety Net and Skills Policy Advisory Panel, the Legislative-Executive WorkFirst Poverty Reduction Oversight Task Force, and the Pacific County Economic Development Council. She has also served on numerous community boards, including the Lewis County Seniors, Lewis-Pacific Swiss Society, a Dispute Resolution Center and a Teen Advocacy Coalition. Erin earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Portland State University and a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership at Brandman University. Erin now serves as the Assistant Executive Secretary of the Washington State Building & Construction Trades Council.

This lobbyist certified completion of required code of conduct training on 12/28/2020.

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