Kia Franklin

P.O. Box 78529
Seattle, WA 98178-9998
United States
Telephone: 206-632-7451
Temporary address during session:
United States
Kia Franklin
Lobbying since: 2021
Kia has dedicated her career to working in, with, and alongside schools and school districts, communities, and non-profit organizations, to advocate for the educational advancement of students, particularly young people who have been marginalized by structural inequities in America’s public education system. Kia’s commitment to the cause stems from her own early schooling experiences and her family upbringing, especially the lessons taught by her grandmothers Christene and Lillian, and her parents Charlene and Ronald, who instilled in her a passion for justice and education. A proud native of Seattle, Kia most recently served as Chief Program Officer for Equal Opportunity Schools. She is also a former academic counselor with a background in law and youth development. By joining Stand as the Washington Executive Director, Kia is excited to support an amazing team and harness the power of community to create transformative change for students. Kia is a proud aunt to Victoria, Billy, CJ, Kobe and Chancellor. She stays civically active by serving on non-profit boards and national organizations, and in her free time she enjoys cooking, gardening, and writing. She has a B.A. in Political Science and African and African-American Studies from Stanford University and a J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center.

This lobbyist certified completion of required code of conduct training on 03/12/2021.

Monthly lobbying reports

Lobbyists are required to file monthly reports for any period in which they are employed, even if there is no reportable activity. The list below includes all reports for 2016 and later. Reports for periods prior to January 2016 are available in the historical archive.

Report for month Date filed/amended
August 2022 06/09/22 - 1:28 pm
July 2022 10/08/22 - 8:28 am
June 2022 10/08/22 - 8:19 am
May 2022 09/06/22 - 8:17 am
April 2022 11/05/22 - 9:41 am
March 2022 11/04/22 - 11:59 am
February 2022 14/03/22 - 5:43 am
January 2022 10/02/22 - 8:48 am
December 2021 11/01/22 - 1:56 pm
November 2021 13/12/21 - 10:10 am
October 2021 09/11/21 - 1:59 pm
September 2021 13/10/21 - 11:30 am
August 2021 08/09/21 - 2:26 pm
July 2021 11/08/21 - 1:06 pm
June 2021 13/07/21 - 11:11 am
May 2021 13/06/21 - 8:38 am
April 2021 11/05/21 - 3:31 pm
March 2021 08/04/21 - 10:25 am

Lobbyist employers

The list below includes all employers for 2016 and later. Employers for periods prior to January 2016 are available in the historical archive.

Employer Employment Registration Years Employed
STAND FOR CHILDREN, INC. View report 2021, 2022