RHONDA WEAVER - April, 2021

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c/o TMoseng-15815 25th Ave W
Lynnwood, WA 98087
United States

Filed: May 17, 2021 - 4:02 pm

Personal Expenses

Personal expenses reimbursed by employer.

No reimbursed personal expenses reported for April, 2021

Sum of all personal expenses not reimbursed by employer.



Detailed compensation by employer.
Payments to sub-contracted lobbyists.

No payments to sub-contracted lobbyists reported for April, 2021


Itemized entertainment expenses.
DateDescriptionPlaceCostType of OccasionParticipant ListingEmployer
Wednesday, April 21, 2021Food/BeverageMercato Ristorante 148.90EntertainmentSen. Shelly Short ($24.82), Sen. Perry Dozier ($24.82), Sen. Ann Rivers ($24.82), Sen Ron Muzzal, Milt Doumit ($24.82), Kim Clauson ($24.82), Rhonda Weaver($24.82). Split evenly with Milton Doumit.COMCAST CABLE COMMUNICATIONS
Thursday, April 22, 2021Food/BeverageThe Oyster House 208.87EntertainmentSen. Linda Wilson ($26.10), Sen. Sharon Brown ($26.10), Sen. Judy Warnick ($26.10), Sen. Shelly Short ($26.101), Sen. Ann Rivers ($26.10), Betty Buckley ($26.10), Clint Weaver ($26.10), Rhonda Weaver ($26.10). Split cost evenly with Betty Buckley COMCAST CABLE COMMUNICATIONS
Monday, April 26, 2021Food/BeverageMercato Ristorante 221.65EntertainmentRep. Cyndy Jacobsen ($15.83), Rep. Alex Ybarra ($15.83, Rep. Jim Walsh ($15.83), Rep. JT Wilcox ($15.83), K. Wilcox ($15.83), Rep. Jacquelin Maycumber ($15.83), Rep. Peter Abbarno ($15.83), Kim Clauson ($15.83), Eileen Sullivan ($15.83), Amy Harris ($15.83), Mark Doumit ($15.83), Betty Buckley ($15.83), Milt Doumit ($15.83), Rhonda Weaver ($15.83). Split evenly with Milt Doumit and Betty Buckley. COMCAST CABLE COMMUNICATIONS
Non-itemized entertainment expenses.

No non-itemized entertainment expenses reported for April, 2021


Reporting of all monetary and in-kind contributions made by the lobbyist or transmitted by the lobbyist on behalf of the lobbyist's client, PACs or other contributors.
Itemized contributions by employer.

No itemized contributions by employer reported for April, 2021

Itemized contributions by employer's PAC.

No itemized contributions by employer's PAC reported for April, 2021

Other itemized contributions.

No other itemized contributions reported for April, 2021

Non-itemized contributions by employer.

No non-itemized contributions by employer reported for April, 2021

Total of all other non-itemized contributions.


PAC contribution activity

Reporting of PAC contribution activity for contributions not made by or transmitted by the lobbyist. This section only indicates that the lobbyist was aware of the contribution activity but did not take part and is not reporting any dollar amounts.
PAC contributions not transmitted by lobbyist.

No PAC contribution activity reported for April, 2021


Itemized reporting of expenses for advertising, printing, informational literature.

No advertising expenses reported for April, 2021

Political ads

Itemized reporting of expenses for political ads, public relations, polling, telemarketing, etc.
Political ads.

No political advertising expenses reported for April, 2021

Other lobbying expenses

Payments by the Lobbyist for other lobbying expenses and services, including payments to subcontract lobbyists, expert witnesses and others retained to provide lobbying services or assistance in lobbying and payments for grass-roots lobbying campaigns.
Detailed expenses.

No other lobbying expenses reported for April, 2021

Lobbying activities

All subject areas lobbied for each employer and time spent lobbying.
Subject area(s) lobbied.
EmployerSubject Matter of Proposed LegislationIssue or bill numberPersons, Legislative committee or State Agency considering the matter
COMCAST CABLE COMMUNICATIONSTechnologyHB1127 HB1182 HB1182 HB1212 HB1246 HB1263 HB1450 HB1450 HB1460 HB1460 SB5175 SB5209 SB5209 SB5357 SB5357 SB5383 SB5383 SHB1336 SSB5025 SSB5062 SSB5062Legislature
Percent of time spent lobbying the legislature.


Percent of time spent lobbying state agencies.