Lobbyist Agent Picture

John Shen
John was lucky enough to grow up in Waltham Massachusetts, thanks to his amazing immigrant parents. He attended Brandeis University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chemistry and graduated from Yale University a few years later with a Master’s in chemistry.

He began volunteering with Wolf-PAC shortly after the 2016 elections. The systemic corruption caused by excessive money in our election system had never seemed clearer to him as the fundamental issue standing in the way of our nation’s growth and progress. He connected with how much Wolf-PAC respected the issue and how focused the organization is on our goal. In his time with Wolf-PAC, John has been able to meet the most compassionate and dedicated patriots he could have imagined and taken part in work that has given me true honest hope for our future.

This lobbyist certified completion of required code of conduct training on 02/16/2020.