Lobbyist Agent Picture

Ms. Yanah G Cook
My name is Yanah G Cook. Our family moved close to McKenna, WA 27 years ago and we love our adopted state. Although I retired from WSDOT, (Tumwater office) over two years ago, I am still operating my small business in Olympia which I began in 1995.

I am a member of the Retired Public Employee's Council, RPEC, Chapter 12, of Washington. I live in the Second Legislative District (2LD) and am an elected Precinct Committee Officer (PCO), (02-145) and WSDCC State Committee person for the 2LD-2016-2020. I am also Vice Chair of the WSDCC Small Business Caucus. I'm a contributing Coordinator of the Olympia Women’s March 2017-2019. A member of the WA State Federation of Women and the Economic Equity Caucus, Progressive Caucus, and the Labor Caucus. I also ran for a non-partisan office in District 17 in 2017. As a concerned member of the 2LD, I regularly canvas my neighborhood and our area by knocking on my neighbor’s doors and by calling them. As an active and concerned citizen I listen to my neighbors and constituents and bring their concerns to the attention of the 2LD. Because one of the 2LD’s important tasks is to focus our attention on the progress of important legislation which affects our area as well as legislation that needs to be--written, proposed and passed out of committee and ultimately approved by our State Legislators;the 2LD realizes it needs a Lobbyist. I am volunteering my time and covering all my own expenses to ensure our District and our constituents are represented.