Jasmine Vasavada

1724 Bigelow Ave NE
Olympia, WA 98506
United States
Telephone: 3607901557
Temporary address during session:
United States
Jasmine Vasavada
Lobbying since: 2023
Jasmine Vasavada has spent the last ten years providing trusted legal briefing and creative policy solutions to help legislators better serve their communities. She has a degree from the University of Washington School of Law and is admitted to practice in the state of Washington. Jasmine served as the Legislative and Policy Director at the Department of Commerce from 2018 through April 2023 and has worked on a broad range of issues including clean energy, local government infrastructure, telecommunications, housing, good government reform, consumer protection, and economic development.

This lobbyist certified completion of required code of conduct training on 10/12/2023.

Monthly lobbying reports

Lobbyists are required to file monthly reports for any period in which they are employed, even if there is no reportable activity. The list below includes all reports for 2016 and later. Reports for periods prior to January 2016 are available in the historical archive.

Report for month Date filed/amended
April 2024 14/05/24 - 9:29 pm
March 2024 14/05/24 - 9:29 pm
February 2024 29/02/24 - 2:27 pm
January 2024 29/02/24 - 2:22 pm