Kirk Hovenkotter

1402 3rd Ave Suite 310
Seattle, WA 98101
United States
Telephone: 2063292336
Temporary address during session:
United States
Kirk Hovenkotter
Lobbying since: 2024
Kirk believes that fast, frequent, and reliable transit is key to building more accessible and inclusive communities. Prior to Transportation Choices Coalition, Kirk served as Executive Director of Commute Seattle, the non-profit that makes walking, biking, and transit the first choice for everyone in the Emerald City. Kirk previously served as the Executive Director of Move Redmond. While there, he led the organization’s work to make it easier to walk, bike, and bus for the 100,000 people who go to work or school in Redmond, Washington. During his six years at TransitCenter, he developed the organization into a nationally recognized leader in transit policy. He advised mayors, county executives, and transit agencies on effective approaches to bus network redesigns and fare policy. He has spoken about ridership trends and what makes transit useful in national outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, Wired, and Governing. In his spare time he loves film, cooking, croissants, and going on adventures by bike

This lobbyist certified completion of required code of conduct training on 04/01/2024.

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