Renee Hopkins lobbying for Alliance for Gun Responsibility

Lobbyist registration of employment.

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Compensation and employment


$78.36 Per Hour

Type of employment.
  • Full time employee
  • Lobbying is only part of other duties
Client area(s) of interest.

Lobbying is most frequent before legislative committee members or state agencies concerned with the following subjects:

  • Law and justice
  • Local government
  • State government
Expected lobbying term.

Only during legislative session

Expenses and reimbursement

Reimbursement agreement.

This Lobbyist does not have an ongoing reimbursement agreement with the client.

Incidental expenses.

This Lobbyist is reimbursed for incidental lobbying expenses.

Paid lobbying expenses.

This client (employer) does not directly pay for lobbying expenses.

Lobbying periods and reporting



Monthly report has been filed. Click to view report.
Monthly report not due yet.
Draft lobbying report created electronically but not submitted.
Monthly report due but not filed. *Based on current registration records.
Not lobbying for Alliance for Gun Responsibility during this filing period.
Exempt from lobbying for Alliance for Gun Responsibility during this filing period.

Attached documents.

This report was submitted by mail or amended after electronic submission. The information included in the attached document(s) provides supporting or supplemental documentation for the information displayed in this report.

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