Darla Helt

PO Box 820681
Vancouver, WA 98682
United States
Telephone: 360-907-3287 , Alt: 360-823-2247 x 102
Temporary address during session:
United States
Ms. Darla Marie Helt
Lobbying since: 2017
Darla Helt ~ in addition to her role as Executive Director of Parents Empowered And Communities Enhanced, Darla also managers and coordinates the Clark County Parent Coalition. Parent Coalitions work to help parents and guardians become effective advocates for their family members and others who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities. Darla has a Bachelor’s of Science in Human development, and a two-year certificate in Leadership for Developmental Disabilities in Washington State through the Developmental Disabilities Council and the University of Washington. She relies on 24 years of experience in working with families along with her personal experience of being a mother and extensive training to help guide decisions for our state systems. Darla’s role to help make sure the voices of family members in South West Washington are heard at all levels of Government

This lobbyist certified completion of required code of conduct training on 10/22/2019.

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