Tim Warden-Hertz

1119 Pacific Ave.
Tacoma, WA 98402
United States
Telephone: 206-957-8652
Email: tim@nwirp.org
Temporary address during session:
United States
Tim Henry Warden-Hertz
Lobbying since: 2018
Tim H. Warden-Hertz is the Directing Attorney for the Tacoma office of the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project. Prior to joining NWIRP, Tim was the Legal Director of the Immigration Law Programs at Catholic Social Services in Fall River, Massachusetts, a Staff Attorney with the Farmworker Division at Georgia Legal Services, and a Fellow/Attorney in the Immigration Unit at Greater Boston Legal Services. He received his undergraduate degree from Stanford University and his J.D. from New York University School of Law.

Monthly lobbying reports

Lobbyists are required to file monthly reports for any period in which they are employed, even if there is no reportable activity. The list below includes all reports for 2016 and later. Reports for periods prior to January 2016 are available in the historical archive.

Report for month Date filed/amended
February 2019 14/03/19 - 9:27 am
January 2019 15/02/19 - 10:22 am
December 2018 15/01/19 - 7:51 am
November 2018 14/12/18 - 2:18 pm
October 2018 21/11/18 - 10:23 am
September 2018 11/10/18 - 9:48 am
August 2018 11/09/18 - 1:00 pm
July 2018 10/09/18 - 3:25 pm
June 2018 12/07/18 - 1:29 pm
May 2018 14/12/18 - 1:58 pm

Lobbyist employers

The list below includes all employers for 2016 and later. Employers for periods prior to January 2016 are available in the historical archive.

Employer Employment Registration Years Employed
Northwest Immigrant Rights Project View report 2018, 2019, 2020