Courtney Williams

129 SW 9th Street
Chehalis, WA 98522
United States
Telephone: 360-277-1407 , Alt: 360-830-8613
Temporary address during session:
United States
Temporary telephone during session: 360-277-1407
Courtney Williams
Lobbying since: 2020
Her career in the non-profit sector began as a job developer for individuals with disabilities at Reliable Enterprises. Here she worked closely with the clients of the DVR to educate both the community and employers on the hidden workforce and advocate for job seekers who potentially would have been overlooked otherwise. Most recently, she served as the Associate Director for a Non-Profit called Homes First, where she worked to ensure affordable housing is accessible to populations who would otherwise be rent burdened. Courtney has an MPA from the Evergreen State College and her vision for the Community Employment Alliance is to work with our stakeholders and help advance employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

This lobbyist certified completion of required code of conduct training on 02/12/2020.

Monthly lobbying reports

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Report for month Date filed/amended
December 2020 05/02/21 - 10:52 am
November 2020 15/12/20 - 4:32 pm
October 2020 15/11/20 - 2:22 pm
September 2020 13/10/20 - 9:45 am
August 2020 23/09/20 - 4:28 pm
July 2020 15/07/20 - 9:33 am
June 2020 06/08/20 - 6:50 pm
May 2020 15/06/20 - 2:14 pm
April 2020 15/06/20 - 2:12 pm
March 2020 15/06/20 - 2:10 pm
February 2020 15/06/20 - 2:08 pm

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