Julie Chinitz

P.O. Box 18612
Seattle, WA 98118
United States
Telephone: 2067250747
Temporary address during session:
816 23rd Avenue
Seattle, 98122
United States
Julie Chinitz
Lobbying since: 2022
Julie Chinitz is Development Director at the Tubman Center for Health & Freedom. She has more than twenty years of experience in public policy and community organizing, much of it focused on health justice. A graduate of Columbia Law School, she launched the Washington Rural Access to Health Project as an Equal Justice Works fellow at Northwest Health Law Advocates. Later, she directed public policy at Alliance for a Just Society, where she supervised policy researchers and helped lead efforts related to language access, Medicaid expansion, health insurance regulation, and more. She also has been on staff at Main Street Alliance and has written widely on a range of public policy topics.

This lobbyist certified completion of required code of conduct training on 12/06/2022.

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April 2023 01/05/23 - 9:58 am
March 2023 07/04/23 - 5:45 pm
February 2023 07/03/23 - 9:50 am
January 2023 06/02/23 - 6:22 pm
December 2022 17/01/23 - 4:08 pm

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